Friday, April 12, 2013

Album Showcase: Her Favourite ANTHM

ANTHM - Handful of Dust EP

 ANTHM hails from New York, and from the jump has been co-signed by the underground veteran, Blu. “Handful of Dust” is entirely produced by Blu, under the name “GodleeBarnes”, and could be described as the story of a young black man confronted with the never-ending task of maintaining resistance against conforming to the vices and temptations meant to keep him down. He speaks freely on his faith, and the fact that amidst the sin and plots that societal mechanisms employ to stop him from progressing, he strives off of his strong Christian upbringing. Using a 2-tone vocal technique for his verses, he mirrors the popular, catchy hooks of Kendrick Lamar while preaching on empowering his people. Blu’s work, as always, is jazzy, light, and crispy.

Low Class

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